Frequently asked questions

How to register ?

Go to and link your Strava account with Peak Master

Which languages are supported ?

🇬🇧 English and 🇫🇷 French

Can I participate to several zones ?

Yes. There are 100+ zones around the world

When I’m climbing the same peak several time during an activity, how many ascent are counted ?

Only 1 ascent per peak per activity.

How long does it take to get my score once I've joined ?

Usually within 1 hour but longer if you have many activites.

How list are defined ?

Originally, I put together a list of my favorite peaks in Hong Kong and also found on some websites other interesting peaks to ensure players could discover new spots everywhere in Hong Kong. I ended up with was a list of 100 peaks. Then first players suggested more peaks and I finally stopped at 125 so that climbing all the peaks is challenging but achievable. Recently, players wanted more and suggested secondary peaks and I created Hong Kong II. As of today, there's no plan to merge both challenges.

When I’m climbing the same peak several time during an activity, how many ascents are counted ?

Only one ascent per peak per activity.

How can I to suggest a new feature or report a bug ?

Can I suggest a new peak or a new zone ?

How can I report inacurate peak coordinates ?

here's no single accurate database of peak coordinates. Your feedback helps improving data quality. Send email to

How can I get support when peaks are not counted ?

Preferred option : send email to Provide activity id or link and your Strava athlete name ( if different from your email )

This warning is displayed on my player's page : 'Peakmaster does not have enough permissions in Strava to analyze all your activities.' What does it mean?

This is a permission issue. Go to, register again and ensure you granted all permissions to Peakmaster then contact to reactivate your account