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🇫🇷 25 Bosses de Fontainebleau

In the 25000 hectares Fôret de Fontainebleau 50 km south of Paris, there are a number of well-marked trails with beautiful sceneries and wildlife.

“Le sentier des 25 bosses” ( follow the red marks ) is the favorite trail running training site to be found near Paris : its rocky hills make the perfect training ground before mountain climbing.

It is a loop of 25 small hills called “bosses” ( total elevation gain = 1000m, distance = 18km ): you can either tick a couple of “bosses” , or all of them in just a few hours to become a Peak Master. 🏆

This the only Peak Master challenge that can be completed in 1 day !

Grab your gear and get started :

If you're new to Peak Master, start here.

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