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The Baiyue 台灣百嶽 is a list of one hundred mountains in Taiwan. They were chosen by a group of prominent Taiwanese hikers from mountains known at the time to be over 3,000 meters in height. The selection criteria included uniqueness, danger, height, beauty and prominence. Preference was also given to peaks already named and those with triangulation points. As such, "Top" does not refer strictly to the highest peaks by elevation, but rather peaks most worth hiking. The list was intended to promote enthusiasm for high-altitude hiking in Taiwan. In the resulting list of one hundred peaks, 69 peaks were in the Central Mountain Range, the largest of Taiwan's five principal mountain ranges, while 19 were in the Xueshan Range, and 12 were in the Yushan Range.The Alishan Range and Coastal Mountain Range, being below 3,000m, have no peaks in the list of Baiyue.